storage price for friends

  • i used sia at the very begining and i still keep an eye on the evolution.
    we keep running a node for staibility evaluation which is quite good.

    one function was present before
    and i cannot see it now.

    it was then possible to choose a storage cost for any sia user.
    and a special storage cost for wallets inside a "friend list"

    we use sia to distribute data among our own servers

    we want a way to prioritise that our data is on our servers
    we would like to be able to make a cost difference about the data i store myself on my servers
    and data from other which is stored on our servers

    any hint for that ?

  • I have not seen a way to offer different prices to different people or groups in Sia in any of the documentation. OTOH I only joined this year, so not sure what was 2+ years ago...

    Did you ever use that "friend price" feature?

  • it was something like 2 years ago.

    interface was rather simple
    there was 2 lines for contracts conditions.

    one line for friendlist
    one line for anybody

    for example
    when you have limited space this is useful

    or when you want to make a try but do not feel easy with storing other people file since the beginning.
    because you are not sure about your infrastructure

  • I didnt realize this functionality was part of sia at one point already. We'll have simple file sharing with other sia users in Q1 this year. I'm not sure about the person- specific pricing, although that would be a handy feature! We should also be getting an update on plans for 2018 sometime this month
    crosses fingers

  • actually when i want to store data it is possible to make very precise rules for the hosts selection.

    users have full control over which hosts they use. You can tailor your host set for minimum latency, lowest price, widest geographic coverage, or even a strict whitelist of IP addresses or public keys

    i think it was possible to select from where files where received too.

    in fact i want to test the hosting infrastructure with some files i accept the risk to host.

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