New seed overwrote old seed????

  • Hello,
    i had a SIA wallet and seed/password.
    I have been doing some mining using address from that wallet.
    Wallet became bugged many error boxes etc and wouldnt function.
    Deleted all traces of old wallet, but kept seed, and then downloaded new version wallet.
    It started syncing and while it did i went to terminal and used Wallet Load Seed.
    I put in seed.
    It said ok or whatever.
    It then asked for new seed, i think, so i used the old one, to save confusion, maybe a lol there.
    New wallet running well, fully synced and when i go to terminal and use Wallet Addresses it shows 2 addresses, neither is the original one i have been mining with.

    I am assuming when i entered the 'New Seed' it took ownership of that seed so that the original keys are now no longer linked to any seed?
    I also assume that the mining i am doing with the original address is just going to go to the ether and never be seen again?
    And yes, much user error here.
    Any answers or conclusions or positive advice would be appreciated.
    Sorry if its not too clear above, it was hard to explain.

  • I don't fully understand your question, but I think there are only two things you should be interested in, both of which you can check easily.

    1. does the current wallet have the funds that were stored under the old wallet? Check how many SC you got now.
    2. is the wallet address (or addresses) that you used for mining still usable in the new wallet? Check the list of addresses that are tied to the new wallet.

    Obviously the answers to these questions may lead to new questions... please do report back when you have them!

    HTH, else try again or hope somebody else understands what you're asking.

  • @maol hi thanks for the reply.
    No the old wallet addresses dont show up.
    And there is no SC in there as first payment hasnt gone through yet.

    I think what i did was uncommon.
    Original wallet corrupted, so deleted that and got a new version.
    As it was syncing i went to terminal and typed wallet recovery, it asked me for seed i put it in.
    After it took the original seed a box popped up and asked for new seed.
    So i thought to avoid confusion i'll use the original seed again.

    I am assuming, rightly or wrongly that when it asked for a new seed, because i gave it the original seed it then made the new wallet the owner of that seed, and making the old wallet addresses not available anymore, because the new wallet now owns that seed.
    And therefore the new wallet only has new wallet's addresses.

    I know, its hard to follow unless you experienced it,lol.
    I am hoping someone will tell me i can just do this or that and it will fix the problem, but i am not optimistic.
    My friend says delete wallet, re install, and use original key and see what happens, maybe i should try that.

  • Well good to hear you remember your seed, many people here lost the seed and cannot recover!

    You can try things out different ways until you get the original funds back, as well as the addresses (if possible).

    As long as you remember to write down all seeds you ever use (and don't activate hosting or renting) you will not lose any coins.

    I'm sorry I can't be of better help, never had to go through this. All I can recommend is to go through all available documentation on the process, but I'm somehow assuming you've already done that, right?

  • yes @maol , it is not a lot of money, i might try reinstall, if no good i might just move forward.
    Thank you for your help :)

  • @zenman Hey did you ever find out whether your old wallet address is still associated with your wallet? I think I may have done something similar...

  • @domtkho did you use the sweep or init-seed command? Sweep is creating a new wallet and transferring all the funds. You lose your previous addresses that way. Init-seed is restoring a wallet with a given seed, including all its addresses.

  • @maol I used init-seed For some reason the address returned to the wallet as a new address when I clicked receive Siacoin... it's very bizarre...

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