Lost my coin

  • I used two emails to create two sia wallet online, but it return the same wallet address. And i also sent siacoin to the address three days ago,but haven't received it yet. It really disappointed.

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    Using email to create wallet online? Are you sure you didn't fall into a scam site? The only trusted wallet is the desktop wallet created by Sia Core Team which can be found at the official website.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

    Feel free to donate if I helped you!
    SC: e8f701c1b2b37c8560cd9bbd2ab85e352d27112f51f0cec815a1331dcc2257392f6b53440b4c
    DCR: DsSKZQkB1MZ81o5DtePbmC3swPCzgbtdg6f
    ETH/ETC: 0x5d67690768F0Fc4780c578393Ca567e5bCb38378


  • Oh, I used this site: https://www.siacoin-online.com/. Is it trusted or not?

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    siacoin-online.com is a phishing website, where did you find out about it?

    Also could you tell me what the deposit address is that you got?

  • Well it happened to me as well :(

    The wallet is "ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69"

    & i have lost 2000 of my coins :(

  • Yes, i lost 6000 SC. The address is like Mohsin mentioned above: ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69

  • Hi all,

    I made the same, plain stupid mistake, it popped up as an advertisement in google above the search results. Withdrew them for Poloniex to this 'scam wallet', lost all my coins.
    I put below in here all the details: I hope these can be used for prevention to future users.

    See below:
    SC 3591.62343750
    2017-12-26 20:03:31
    Address: ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69

  • Hi guys, any news from your side? Can you give me an update if your coins are still lost?

    I did the registrar:
    Registrant Name: Jari Toivonen
    Registrant Organization:
    Registrant Street: Hendrik Van Deventerstraat, 141
    Registrant City: The Hague
    Registrant State/Province: The Hague
    Registrant Postal Code: 2563XS
    Registrant Country: NL

    This seems to match with the following info that is on their main site siacoin-online.com:
    [email protected] +31 63 397 01 83

    The domain is registred at a dutch company

    Luckily, I don't live that far from either this adress in NL, and the hosting provider. So i'm not going to let this rest easily.
    @Global-Moderators: Is it possible to post here the other cases, so we can bundle them and see how big the possible scam is?


    Registrant Phone: +31.633970183

  • Same thing, same site, lost few days on this phish.
    People! Be careful next time and use only trust wallets x_x

  • Yesterday I've created my Wallet on the same website (Attention!!! - It's number 1 on google when you try to find siacoin wallet)

    I've deposited 2000 SC and now I've lost it all.
    The below address is the same for everyone!!!
    What can we do to catch this scammer and try to get our money back??

    @Sia.tech - Please catch this scammer!!! I personally don't even want to hear about Siacoin again because of this problem!!!

  • Same site ...
    Complete SC 498.75000000
    2018-01-05 00:58:38
    Address: ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69
    Txid: f8f7c740aaaab1175afd34e7fe018b6d24df8563335aecf7224dc9913536bf80

  • Similar story here.... Created a wallet from above mentioned website. Moved SC from Poloniex to below wallet address....you know how the story ends:( . I lost 1596.00 SC

    2018-01-04 22:19:03
    Address: ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69
    Txid: 8249400f0c5af2e0cff429e8f760d38ea66617c4884579962a908b9a2c6ab017

  • Same site, Same story

    Deposit from Bittrex to the https://www.siacoin-online.com wallet.
    The homepage is still online and even has the secure proof activated...


    In contrary to the post on reddit i can still log in but of course nothing arrived there yet.

    Withdrawal to


    Lost 87601.29228870 SC

    Are there any news, anything i can do?!

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    Any coins sent to ea674f34c89eec231ee394da9f8002d273f846d813f47954ea67ff3fba0b0410312cc3341e69 are permanently lost. There is nothing anyone can do.

    Sorry for your losses.

  • Sent from wallet to polinex and never showed up. Yesterday thought this issue was resolved ? Coin gone ?

  • @jM1234
    Sent to this address from Wallet which was down loaded from siamining.com.


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