Horrible App

  • I'm sorry to say but SIA UI 1.3 is just a plain useless and frustrating app. When you finally find a solution to sync, the second time you start it, it just gets errors and crashes. When you run siad in cmd prompt, if you are extremely lucky, it will start but the SIA UI will give you some stupid message like "Loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version" and then it fails.

    It isn't any better on the Mac. I accidentally created a new wallet and now it's impossible to delete my new wallet or restore my old wallet. I just get error messages and there is nothing in the Library/SIA folder that has a wallet file nor is there anything I can find in the app package to delete.

  • @Sithspawn Agreed...the worst Ive seen between NEM, Verge, Doge and Bytecoin. I'm currently at about 28hours of syncing, 95% and am afraid to even look at my computer wrong or do ANYTHING on it for fear it won't finish ( as this is my 2nd attempt at syncing ).

    I don't know what they do different TECH speaking but NEM, Verge and Doge just worked with no syncing. Byte and Sia do this monumental synch thing but at least bytecoins app is solid and works everytime. ( I didnt have to search the internet to find a command to put in the command prompt just to get synching to start)

  • I can't use Sia ui 1.3.1. My Win10 system freeze (or slowdown that I can't open anything) during sync. Please make a better wallet app.

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