Sia Wallet Issues

  • So I'm not particularly new to crypto but I am new to Sia and I was kind of surprised how many problems I encountered when setting up the wallet. I naturally just googled my issues and found solutions, for example fixing a loading error problem by running siad.exe in command prompt and fixing the seemingly common "Not Synchronizing" problem by adding nodes to the client manually, but I'm concerned this is too complex for the average person who's relatively new to crypto currency. From the help section of this forum it seems wallet/transaction issues are fairly common so I'm hoping you guys are working on fixing them to make it much more straight forward for newer users.

  • For your info, none of the solutions always work. Running Siad in cmd prompt can get errors also and on my millionth attempt at different solutions it just didn't work. Now when it starts it says loading after upgrading from new version may take a while and then after a long time it gets an error.
    After fixing the Sync issue, every time you start SIA UI you get a different problem.

  • @Sithspawn Well I'm not sure how long this latest version of the wallet has been out but for now I'm going to hold off on investing any more into Sia until it becomes more clear whether or not these problems are being resolved by the devs.

  • Still I am facing the same problem here in my MAC and trying to figure out the causes, trying to add manually Gateway (but no luck) it couldn't connect to the peers for some reason it gave me timeout .. I've internet access and ports (9980,9981,9982) are assigned properly to daemon "siad" and Sia UI is working but still it gave me "Not Synchronizing", tried all possible solutions, what are your recommendations?

  • Good crypto wallet zumminer. I use it, 2 year.

  • Took me 2 days to synchronize, only to NOT see my coins listed... restarted my computer and now on day 2 of it trying to re-open "Loading can take awhile"... really?
    I was really excited about the tech and coin but now I just want to see my coins and cash them out and get out of this... sadly.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @msolimanz Did you try adding all of the nodes? For me adding nodes took several attempts. I had to try at least 10 before I started getting successful connections.

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