Net Value always 0 in Sia Wallet Positive Transactions

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    I don't know where this come from but all positive transactions in my wallet are "0" in Net Value Column in CLI or via UI.

    $ siac version
    Sia Client v1.3.0
    Sia Daemon v1.3.0

    $ siac wallet transactions |tail -4
    134240 ee4fe6551347e4949b77f2045aeaa897554bb277917271f8b861d5c5518caa1d 0.00 SC 0 SF
    134240 8639e20ba7101bfbf17a010a54eccfe6e1a3c0646ffc105722e1c56d11f23098 -0.04 SC 0 SF
    134388 4bf608762908dfc39287b42ae27f3a9c15f6fe7c7f91c4700d4b132096112aa5 0.00 SC 0 SF
    134388 8630b770f6870297291a163bcedf1321f65bacfa4d66b2746552a959a013455b -0.04 SC 0 SF

    Is anyone having the same issue or found a solution ?


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    @dasgreff The 0 SC transactions are usually a change in the block chain. For example if you wanted to send out 1 coin but you only had a block of 10 coins it would have break that block of 10 coins. So 1 coin would leave your wallet and and 9 coins would come back. BUT the user doesn't really care about this so it just shows 0 so the user does not get confused.

    Simplified, this is back end stuff that is irrelevant to the casual user.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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