GPU mining rewards increasing sharply

  • In my mining rig , i have dedicated some percentage only which have 1700MH/s hashrate.
    By using mining pool, i was used to get same shares from the pool, yielding arround 4000 siacoins per month.

    After the price peak of Sia from 0.006 to 0.012, i have noticed that my mining reward is showing up 13,000 sia per month, price of Sia is droped to 0,008.
    Still i get more

    What is going on?
    Is this an inflation for siacoin to keep the token price lower in order to protect the network from GPU Hacker?

    If so, what is the target price? And does it continue until Asic mining starts?


  • Global Moderator

    It's a bug, check this out

    Rewards will stay high for a while, and gradually get lower

  • Nanopool has 45,000GH/s

    Extra tens of Millions of sia will be injected into coin market each day. Because of this bug. It should cause an inflation with price drops. If the price stays steady, then it means injecting of extra coins into the market prevents the price rise up.

    In both case , Sia holders loosing their positions in markets.

    Fixing this bug a few days later, doesnt mean that it will cover the financial demages for investers.

    Are you able calculate the inflating amount and devaluate the market in same amount by the next hard fork?

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    It seems the fork has not really affected the market. I don't see anything unusual.

    The difficulty is now higher than before the fork and steadily rising. This will slow the amount of newly generated coins down to about 30%.

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