blockchain snapshots, maintanance rewards....

  • hey. new fan here, der o1mpinko.
    could you please maybe do another snapshot of the chain..? am new to your cloud system, but already d been syncing the Ui for a few days and after 85 it is just really slow like 1%/15-24 hrs. and judt thought, since Sia is all about cloud storage etc.. than maybe you or even we, as miners, lenders, buyers could even daily do a snapshot sharing for the new users.... as im newly interested-(littlebit onlyjustnowyet)invested too... i would love others, more and more to join this network and support this blockchain too.

    but even just a q., once I'm finished with this paintaking process of synchronization could i take more frequently, when i got time or motivation, just every now and then, a snapshot of the blockchain and maybe for some Siacoin rewards i'd share it ??

    nah jah.. what you recon?

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