Mining for wrong wallet? Transfers to wrong wallet?

  • Relatively new user/miner. Installed Sia-UI. Set up wallet & started synchronizing. Clicked "Receive Siacoin" to get address to start mining.

    Mining underway for that ID, and I don't expect to see coin until payout. Another user was to transfer 20K coin to me, so I gave them same address I'm using for mining. Wallet fully synchronized (Block Height: 135190), but I am not seeing the transaction.

    Clicking "Receive Siacoin" again gets different address with each click, so how can I confirm that the address I've been mining for, which I also gave for the 20K coin transaction, is properly associated with my wallet?

    Address given: 24b3c50f138b330d3dc3bb82abd4cb7c2fb4c84814002a3460ee29435d32f9fa58f116b612b7

  • @k_allhands Environmental info:
    Windows 10
    Sia-UI 1.3.0

    Will attempt to track status using Sia Explorer, but Wallet still has not updated, though showing fully synchronized.

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    The wallet address changes everytime you click the receive siacoin button but all the addresses will be usable.

    To view all your addresses, you can type "wallet addresses" into the terminal in sia-ui.

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  • yes, I confirmed valid wallet address used, and the person who sent the funds also provided a screenshot showing withdrawal from his wallet with a send to mine. I'm still showing zero locally, though.

    I am restarting locally and rescanning my wallet. Are sync/refresh issues common? Anything that I can do to avoid them?

  • This is returning as hash not found at Sia Explorer, even though I have verified the transaction ID from the sender.

    TxId: 6c852c459377902c314925838f7bfaf5a460dd01858d598e7d03aae55a28979b

    Restarting Sia locally did not update wallet...still at Zero. I get an error that I cannot recover root seed when I attempt "Recover Seed" in GUI.

    What is going on? What am I missing?

  • Oh...just to make sure this was not an issue with only my local wallet...EasySia is also showing me at a balance of zero.

    Can anyone help make sense of this?

  • Damn, dont know. I also send some sia form my sia UI wallet but havent recived any of then in my bittrex accound. ![alt text](E:\NotsoBlack\Documentos Negros\Welcome To The Proud\trade\2018\where is my sia)

  • pic embed is failing, so the snapshot of the confirmation from the sender can be seen at the following URL...

    ...where did this go, given we've confirmed my wallet ID?

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    @k_allhands submit a support ticket with bittrex.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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