SiaMining pool and the block 135K fork

  • Hello All, can not seem to find info on this ...

    I have been GPU mining for a while on the pool.

    Does anyone know if i need to make any changes to my mining config after the fork in-order to continue mining? I already understand that i wont earn as much once the ASICs are online, but ... quick questions:

    is the algo going to change after block 135K?

    if yes or no, will there need to be an update to the marlin mining software?

    I have upgraded to 1.3.0 wallet, currently waiting on it to sync before attempting to load my seed .... will payouts from SiaMining continue to work OK? or should i be concerned about payouts on or after the fork?

    Hope someone can respond.

    An early adopter and believer in SIA


  • The only change is the difficulty adjustment time, you don't need to do anything if you are mining in a pool

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