Sia wallet cannot find "siad.exe" file

  • I haven't ran my Sia wallet in awhile, but I just recently tried powering it back up. For whatever reason, it will not work because it claims it cannot find a file called "siad.exe." I didn't have any Sia in there yet, but I was planning on transferring some there soon, as I just set up claymore dual miner with sia. I saw some posts about Sia-UI being invalid or something now. What's the deal with that? Is that the problem? Because I think my wallet is Sia-UI. Sorry if this sounds noobish, but I really have no idea. Did something change? I've had this wallet for a few months now and since I haven't used it in so long it could very well be out of date. But I really don't know what the deal is. Do I need to reinstall the wallet, or can I re-configure the wallet to identify this "siad.exe" file? Can anyone shed some light on this? It'd be much appreciated.

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    @cryptofanatic just reinstall it. Your virus protection probably deleted it.

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