Considering the SIEM Market

  • Has Sia considered developing a partnership or relationship with SIEM (Security information and event management) tools? SIEM is a very large trend in the cyber security world for capturing logs and events on a great magnitude of endpoints. That data has to be stored somewhere. Some SIEMs, one of the most popular for example, is Splunk. They charge based off of data consumed and stored. If were possible to off load a portion of that data another/cheaper secure storage location that could be very powerful opportunity for whomever could do that. Perhaps Sia could make an app for Splunk and put it on their app store marketplace?
    If initial users are cautious of not using Sia yet because they don't understand the security aspect of the blockchain and or the decentralized nature of their data, perhaps it would be an easier sell for them to put non-critical log/event data on Sia. I'd do it. :)

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