sia coin has stopped synchronizing @ 44.7%

  • I am facing serious issue on my sia coin wallet. I downloaded sia coin ui yesterday and i purchased sia coin through shap shift. Transfer has been completed but my sia ui has stuck on 44.7% it is showing not synchronizing and i have closed the sia coin ui multiple times and restart my laptop multiple time still i am facing same issue not synchronizing. Please help me to get synchronizing, i am afraid of losing coin. My operating system is linux mint. Looking forward for instant help. lastly i am new to sia coin. Thank you .

  • You may manually bootstrapping the blockchain:

    You may also manually add nodes: (Full list)

    Also make sure you have enough disk space available.

    Find me on the Official Sia Discord.

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  • Another thing to try, especially as the bootstrapping isn't working for some (me included, give an error after processing/loading it in).

    In Sia's Terminal enter "gateway list". If like me you'll find it says "No peers to show.". This is the problem.

    Fix it by then entering "gateway connect" and "gateway connect".

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