Internxt, future competition?

  • Hey guys,
    So I was checking a new service called Internxt which apparently wants to compete with Storj, Sia and MaidSafe. Anyone knows anything about it?

  • I am not SIA..
    you know what... go ahead to join dubious ICOs... Risk your funds on it sit and wait what they actually do deliver on. No wonder why different countries are seriously looking in to regulate ICOs where there are too much hype and hot ait..
    You might find yourself waiting long for any thing that came out of an ICO, in my view.
    Every idiot can make a nice web site telling the world in their white paper they will redfine the internet. There are tonnes of similar projects, Golem anohter one.
    The beauty of SIA is it did not come out of an ICO and there is a working product already.
    That said I experience as a follower, the team seem to struggle bringing releases out. Some part of the system seriuosly lack stability and the demand for storage is litterally non exisiting. In my opinion they focus on too many things at the same time.
    But they seem committed and capable... I'd stay tuned to SIA..

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