Question about Bandwidth Used when Uploading

  • Hello Everyone!

    I Just discovered Sia today, and find this project amazing and fascinating. I am very familiar with Bitcoins and blockchains in general, but I am just learning about decentralized storage.

    I have a question that maybe someone with a little more knowledge than me can answer: When I upload files to Sia, it seems to use a very significant amount more bandwidth uploading the file than the size of the file itself. (ex. I upload a 500kb image file, and it uses 30mb to upload it, etc.). Is there a reason why this could be? I have fully synchronized the blockchain and there is no other network transfers going on with Sia when this happens.

    Thanks, and look forward to becoming a bigger part of this community in the near future!

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    @reedmayhew18 I believe it is because the smallest bandwidth that can be charged is 40MB. A problem to be fixed next release I think.

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