BigData support on Sia Decentralized storage

  • Hi Sia members,
    Would like to share my few thoughts on what I am thinking about Siacoin for the great potential of the user.
    I am the believer of Siacoin and liked the way it stores the data on multiple machines after encryption.
    As data analysis ,storage ,deep learning ,machine learning is gaining attraction ,is it possible to build the storage to support the Bigdata technology stack like Hadoop ,hbase ,Cassandra ,Mongo ,Spark ,Elastic search .
    The bigdata technology works pretty much similar to the siacoin ,there by storing the data in multiple machines based on the replication factor there by forming the cluster by combining multiple nodes.
    If you see the cloud providers like Amazon, Azure and other companies they have their own version or customized version of these technologies.
    By making Siacoin to support these technologies will help companies to do their data analytics at the cheaper rate .
    Whenever the size of their data grows ,they can add few more sia nodes to their existing cluster .
    Another advantage of using Siacoin over cloud ,is the distrusted data will become decentralized whether in the current scenario ,the distributed data is centralized.
    Please share your thoughts.

  • I'm not SIA.
    it is my understnading, SIA will be a storage provider on the file/object level, meaning that any computation will have to take place locally after retreival of the relevant data from the SIA net work. It is specefically mentioned SIA cannot do computational operations on the data - no one except the renter knows what the data is, and files are only brought back to their original physical shape after reteival in the renter.

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