• I personally found Sia amazing.
    If I look the world of ICO, this company is the one that has a real product.
    90% of the other companies has just a project ( maybe ) , but they don't have a product.
    So, Sia amazed me with the decentralized cloud.

    I have few question about the system.

    1. let's say I am going to save in the cloud 100 T of data, what happens to the data if tomorrow Sia disappear ?
      or better, what happens if all the user which installed the software for sharing the data decide to shut down the .exe ?

    2. probably is clear for expert but not for me. for example. if I store a very small file, like 2 byte, how the system will store my file in the cloud ? is there any redundancy . it means the system copy and paste my 2 byte and store for example 1 byte in the element A , 1 byte in the element B , 1 byte in the element C and 1 byte in the element D , or the system store simply 2 byte in the element A ?

    Thanks for the information

  • @alberto88

    I found one answer

    Sia cofounder David Vorick tells Ars that most Sia users currently use a redundancy factor of three—meaning that three bits are stored for each bit of the underlying data. But Vorick argues that customers will eventually be able to do much better, achieving very high reliability with a redundancy factor as low as 1.5. For example, a particular file might be split into 60 pieces and stored with 60 different hosts. The customer would be able to recover the file so long as at least 40 of those 60 hosts remain online.

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