Recovering Hosts, Contracts etc

  • Hi,

    So Long story short, Bitdefender royally screwed my PC to the point where it wouldn't boot so I had to reinstall Windows 10 and all my apps including obviously Sia. The Sia host files were on an external HDD so were safe.

    I got it up and running with the new wallet and recovered it with the Seed etc, but how do I add the shares and contracts etc?

    I tried adding a new share in the Hosting tab with the same size and pointing it to the location of the correct folder on the external drive but it didn't pick up the contracts etc!

    Have I lost all my contracts and hence other peoples Data like I suspect? If not how can I recover them?


  • @Groovy
    Unfortunately the hosting metadata is not stored in the shared folders. You need the "working folder" of the host.
    That is the one where the consensus, host, transactionpool and so on are.
    If you can recover these folders, you should be able to recover your hosts contracts.

  • Thanks for the reply @reinisp

    So I think I have the folder the wallet was running from when it was working (it was a new fandangled reinstall Windows but keep your files), What should I copy over to the new wallet folder?

  • @Groovy
    You can't break anything more than you already have.

    1. close and exit the Sia. (be sure no siad process running),
    2. just copy (overwrite) everything (except consensus subfolder) from the old AppData to the New AppData folder where the fresh files are.
    3. start your sia node,
    4. unlock your wallet and look what you get (if you see your hosting settings).

  • Thanks again for your help @reinisp

    Oh ok I didn't realise you meant the AppData folder, I haven't got that I'm afraid; bugger!

    I guess I'll just have to cut my losses with Sia and go all in with Storj, once I reinstalled Storj it automatically found the correct folders and carried on like nothing had happened, it's a shame Sia isn't that forward thinking!

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