we need to get the price up?

  • we need to get the price up for hosting it's so low to low. I wish everyone would charge like 250SC to start for a while. This is crazy.

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    @byterunner We need more use first.

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  • It is bit of the hen an egg discussion.

    Fact: we are declning in number of active hosts :-(

    That trend will not change until the price goes up - since a decent price is the only intencive for hosts to join and stay!!

    Until there is a breakthrough in any solution that can attract demand at a larger scale with out all the technicalities I don't think that the trned will change.

    SIA is still in early stage, there is a full functioning net with a proved successfull blockchain.

    What is totally missing is the use cases, hence a break through in leading to the "net work effect" and a begin to a mass adaption.. That will take years rather than months..

  • While I am not currently hosting, I have given the idea some serious consideration. I keep buying 6TB drives left and right but mainly for my own photography backups. I would be far more inclined to host if the monthly fee was worth it. I am not a business major, but it seems to me that hosts should be charging what the market can bear. I'm sure most people have heard that saying before. If Amazon can charge $23/month for storage then why don't hosts adjust their pricing accordingly? If I were to answer my own question, it is probably because of competition. The hosts are competing for business and low-balling storage fees just to get the business. I see that all the time in my day-to-day work and it can ruin the market for everyone.

    Like I said, I am not a business major but it seems to me like the hosts are low-balling and they need to step it up and take a risk by upping your monthly fees.

  • @sonu - the site might be good, but SIA is something else - it is a decentralized system aiming at offering automated smart contracts for storage where the stability/resiliance is obtained due to the networking effect utilizing many hosts spread in a widely distributed geography where files and where the data is 100% private since each file is saved in chunks across many hosts, obnly the renterknowing the code to decrypt them.

    @darren - it will take a lot of time before SIA is mainstream. I think the team is doing good - it is one of the few crypto projects that actually delivered with out any ICO. A recent added feature is video streaming and after that there will be file sharing. The ideas is to ahve 3rd parties to build on the SIA network and add functinalities and business cases, SIA just being the back bone of storage - quite clever


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