Sia website and document translation

  • Hello everybody.
    I started looking into Sia about 3 months ago and since then I started getting invloved heavily, being this project one of the few in the cryptoworld with a real usage.
    Anyway I would like to offer my help to eventually translate sia website and other documentation in Italian and Romanian in order to spread knowledge and facilitate non-English speakers.
    Is there anyone in particular to contact ?

  • Global Moderator

    Hey, are you interested in translating the wiki too? I can enable support for these languages if you want.

  • Yeah. There shouldn't be any problem. What kind of delivery do you prefer? (e.g.html files, xls files..)

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    The wiki has its own text format. If you register an account you will be able to edit pages. I have added Italian is one of the supported languages so you can try it out. To translate a page click the gray button with "Italiano (it)", it will show that version of that page in that language (which doesn't exist yet). This is the index page for example:

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