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  • I withdraw SC from A exchange to B exchange. But the deposit address in B had changed after withdraw. And check the transaction id with, "Hash not Found in Database". but A exchange tell me withdraw successfully. So i want to know that my SC is it deposit successfully in B exchange's address. Because can't check balance with wallet address. Please help me.

    deposit address:6815ee77f9f9e092d888a5f24f276daf239e09fa50234201bcbd85c5cac4d15c8e6775dd5804
    transaction ID:c24c29fa95b246761844e421ce17116f287921fe8321b044bfe11aa86f48106f

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    The explorer is not so fast. It can take half an hour for a transaction to show up there. And some transactions never show up.

    Since you posted this an hour ago your coins should have arrived by now. If not, check the explorer again.

  • @Fornax said in SC Transaction:

    show up
    The transaction was created 20 days ago.... I keep waiting until now and always "Hash not Found in Database".

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    Alright, then something must have gone wrong at exchange A. If the transaction is still not there after 20 days then it was never submitted to the network. Please contact the support team of the exchange about this issue.

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