Lost a lot of coins for nothing with renting (uploading data)!

  • Re: Storing data and pricing. disappointing!!!

    Now after 2 months I lost 7000 Siacoin (it seems) while I had NO files uploaded. I have deleted the files 2 months ago.
    Today I opened the GUI and again losts of transactions happened while I have no files in the cloud.
    Were does this come from?
    I have now ran the following commands: renter allowance cancel.

    Wil I get the 5000 back? and did I spend 2000 for one upload test??
    What a silly service is this!

    I am not supprised that the price of Sia dropped so much as this is not a viable replacement for any current cloud storage solution.

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    @jorima Your disappointment is reasonable. You need to cancel your allowance if you're not going to host because it will slowly drain your balance if you don't.

    In the future we hope to have it explained more clearly. I don't remember how to cancel the allowance. Might have to come in and ask discord members.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
    Forum Mod. I cannot fix transactions. I can't help with Mac or Linux.
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  • I have ran "renter allowance cancel" yesterday already and today again 8 transactions of about 75SC each??
    PS I am not hosting I have uploaded some files months ago.

    renter allowance
    Amount: 0 H
    Period: 0 blocks

    renter info:
    Storage Spending: 0 H
    Upload Spending: 0 H
    Download Spending: 0 H
    Unspent Funds: 0 H
    Total Allocated: 0 H

    No files have been uploaded.

  • Is there no proper support for these kind of issues?

  • @jorima

    Can you look at the output of renter contracts?
    There you should see any contracts that are still active.
    And, you could paste here the transaction ID of the latest transaction (that appeared after cancelling the allowance) so somebody knowing more could look what that is/was.

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  • @reinisp
    renter contracts
    No contracts have been formed.

    These are a few ID that appeared after I have cancelled the allowance and contracts:

    and some more

  • @jorima
    To be honest I don't know how to interpret this

    I assume it is the contract closing transaction.
    There are 2 receivers. I would expect the one being the host the other your renter.

    Are you sure this had negative impact on your balance?

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