Can't access wallet, UI can't locate siac and stuck at 56.9 sychronization

  • I download the UI about a month ago and didn't complete setting up the wallet because I was waiting until I had coins. I bought some coins today on bittrex and now it when I'm trying to complete the syncing it says my password is incorrect. I tried multiple time and nothing. I deleted all the files and then re-downloaded, hoping I could just start over. It still say incorrect password and now in addition it's saying UI can't locate siac. I looked at a few posts on here explaining to uninstall the wallet and re-download but there isn't a wallet file in what I downloaded. I don't want to just leave coins sitting on the exchange but none of the posts I've seen to offer any help to unlock your account.Open to suggestions. TThanks!

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    @apennylessomo It sounds like you should just leave it in the exchange.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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    Unofficial Web Based Siacoin Wallet. No more syncing.


  • @apennylessomo
    Which version of Sia-UI did you download?
    Are you on Windows, OSX or Linux?

    If Sia-UI runs and shows it is syncing, you should leave it open and let it do that.
    If it gets stuck with syncing you probably have no active peers to sync against.
    If you can open the terminal section, type gateway list in there. You should see a list of "gateways". Syncing tends to be very slow if you have only a couple of gateways and stops completely if there are no.

    If it is so, you can manually add a gateway by typing gateway connect <IP>:<port>
    For example, you can try to add my host as gateway with gateway connect
    Or, my "gateway only" with gateway connect

    The reason is the bug/incompatibility with version 1.3.0 where a 1.3.0 gateway can not connect another 1.3.0 gateway if behind a NAT firewall. My first host is running version 1.3.1 (test version) and the "gateway only" is running 1.2.2 so both can accept connections from gateways version 1.3.0.

    With the wallet locked (incorrect password) is another issue.

  • As I understand you have either not initialized the wallet at all or you did not write down the seed. Thus you have no coins in the wallet.
    The seed is the password if you did not explicitly set a custom one.
    Anyway, assumed you don't have any SC in your wallet, you can just type wallet init --force to create a fresh new wallet.
    Just don't forget to copy and paste the generated seed into your safe/encrypted storage.

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