Missing sia cions no wallet add in startbat.

  • Hello im dualmining with claymore trough nanopool and made a startbat file with both Eter and Sia wallet add. in.

    Then i startet the wrong startbatfile and stated the file named eter&sia in claymore and mined like that over 1 and a half week.

    The eter still find the right way, dont ask me how, trough ipnumber? but the sia is lost. So my Q is, is it possible to refound my sia trough my ip adress? or some other way? ples replay and i post my ip an wallet add if possible.

    // J

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    @johnnysia You could contact nanopool and ask them if they could move the coins to the correct address.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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