I went live for the first time questions!!

  • Hello everyone,

    I tought bout using Sia for a while. Since the recent price drop I chose to jump in and take the time to learn.

    This is my hub: https://siahub.info/host/6999

    Yes I read the hosting handbook and a bunch of others, but it's a lot at the same time.

    Here are my questions:

    where I can find my pubkey on siahub in order to use: siac hostdb view [pubkey] ?

    what's more accurate to look up conversion rate? Siahub or Terminal?

    pricesmultiplier: 0.00020618336444249 . That's way off. Anything I can do to improve?

    storageremainingadjustment: 0.0625. Same thing, anything I can do?

    thanks a lot in advance

  • @nastydevil
    The best place I have seen the score multipliers are explained is on the SiaHub

    Regarding pubkey I can't answer for sure but
    it should be combined either

    Running siac hostdb -v gives you the pubkey column for the host list.
    Then you search for the row with the announced IP and find the corresponding pubkey.

  • Hello,

    question about contract and uptime:

    I was accepting contract,
    I didn't have any active contract
    host was online,
    then my computer force close while I was away.

    my uptime ratio went from 0.99 to uptimeadjustment: 0.000050885810961968

    I still have this:

    Uptime: not enough data collected
    Downtime: -

    So even tho I didnt have any contract I suffer a loss? or it's just normal adjustment and it'll be back in no days?

  • So first thing I did after 2 days I changed collateral to 1SC rather than 100. At 100 I could have lost all my collateral after 20 failed contract. rather have less contract and to not lose all my coins. I put it to 1 SC per and 1 SC max. I ended up getting 2 more contracts in 1 day... Not bad. I'll eventually put it back to some good numbers but for the time being I like it.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm back. Amazingly I doubled my number of contracts since last week. I'm at 17 now. Most are small one. That being said, I doubled my price for upload, download and contract price while keeping my collateral to near 0. Feels good. with 10 more contracts I'll be profitable sia wise, not money wise... YET!

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