newbie questions here about mining difficulty

  • just started mining today with gt-550 ti and cpu i3-2120.. mining at 100 mhs. im thinking about upgrade my computer for best mining performance but i dont know if buying a better GPU is a good idea.. mining really getting harder every day?

    my computer is 7 years old and ive been checking for a while if its profitable upgrading some components for mining/ buying a new computer
    -power supply.. donnu yet how Watts.. though about 800W
    -gpu nivdia 1080 (havent decided if 1 or 2. if taking 2 ill probably need better power supply)
    -supporting motherboard
    -supporting cpu

    do you guys believe earnings SC without selling in the next 2 years is a good idea? can it be profit? thanks

  • Yes yes and yes. But better to check a mining calculator if you want to invest in hardware specifically for mining. Other cryptocurrencies are more profitable in mining.

  • @maol thanks.
    ill check it out

    which one do you remommend?

  • I don't know the differences, just use Google whenever I need to compare something

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