has anyone had any issues with resizing their host folders?

  • @maol thank you very much for the comment and much needed help. I will have to do some reading, I also need to find a comprehensive guide for transfer a host from one machine to another, not sure if im doing things right. still running the host on the windows machine, and to be clear its not a 30gb transfer tahts a problem, sia wont resize the storage file so im forced to try and transfer 700gb. i could easily accomplish the transfer if it would allow me to resize the allocated space to even 50gb.

  • @sparechange
    Have you tried to zip (compress) the shared Sia data folder?
    If it is unused, it should compress well.

  • @reinisp I have not tried that actually, I will try before learning "rsync" but I still need a good walk-through of how/what to transfer and if there are any tricks to keep in mind when transferring from windows to ubuntu. I am very grateful for the input so far. I'm in over my head with this transfer without instructions. Side note, my host is picking up about a gig per day and I really miss being able to mobilize my laptop :(, GO SIA!!

  • @sparechange
    A transfer from windows to linux won't be easy as on linux you won't have a folder which name begins with C:\ or whatever drive you have shared on Sia.

    Your problem is that the siad process needs to access that folder exactly on that path which you had when sharing. The configuration folder (%AppData\Sia-UI\Sia) is configurable for siad, but the shared folder path is not so easy to change...

  • The workaround that should work is to make a network path that is available the same way on both windows and linux.
    For example, you make a shared folder that is accessible (with write permissions) at \\networkstoragedevice\share\siashared
    Then you add that folder as additional shared folder in Sia on windows host folder add \\networkstoragedevice\share\siashared 1TB
    Then remove the existing shared folder by host remove <your existing shared folder path>

    After that you have a shared folder accessible by the network path and you need to copy over the AppData folders and use them wherever you want and where that network path is valid.

  • thank you very much, i am not sure exactly what appdata files to move. thank you again very much for posting the commands and a process.

  • @sparechange
    The "AppData folder" for Sia is the one containing various subfolders like "consensus", "gateway", "host", "renter", "wallet" and so on.
    If you are running the Sia-UI this folder can be found by putting %AppData%\Sia-UI\Sia into the address field of file explorer. Then it converts to ``C:\Users<Your windows login name>\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI\sia.
    There are all files needed to move/migrate your node.

  • @reinisp, I am grateful for your responses and wealth of knowledge, I however don't feel like I am capable of transferring to an ubuntu machine yet. I am going to run a windows os for the new hosting rig instead. My host has picked up volume substantially since I started this post(11GB), now over 46.8GB. I feel the learning curve I am looking at with a transfer to an unbuntu machine (I'm what most would consider a newb/no bussiness operating linux) would consume more time and I could be close to 100GB by the time I feel comfortable with starting the migration, so naturally it looks like windows will be best for my limited knowledge base and limited time. I wish I already had a substantial coin balance, you deserve compensation, if you could leave me with an address I will save it and send you a contribution in the future, hopefully near future. @maol, I would also like to send you a contribution for your help, again some time down the road, please pm or leave your address.


  • I had an idea regarding the issue of not being able to make the folder smaller, could anyone confirm that "accepting contracts" or actively sending/receiving data could be the cause? I'm desperate for help at this point with shrinking the size of the folder to accommodate a timely transfer, hopefully without the need for third party/work-around programs/tactics, the UI contains a function to do this i just cant figure out why it is having problems "migrating all sectors".

    Thank you

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