Can you upload files with Sia-UI v1.3.0?

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    I like the idea behind SIa and wanted to trial it, ultimately as an offsite repository for approx 10TB of incremental backups. I've got the Sia-UI client running (Windows 10) and synchronised. So, armed with 1000SC, I attempted to upload a 140MB file. I ended up with 50 contracts and 8 active peers. After about 4 hours, it was apparently 0.83% complete. Unhappy with that, I deleted the file and attempted to upload an 8 byte text document. That file is apparently still uploading, 0.00% complete. I have restarted the app several times to no avail.

    Is this tool supposed to be a working product or is it currently a proof of concept? If case one, it really needs some enhancement around status / error reporting and if case two, it would be helpful if this was indicated clearly.

    Hopefully a working version is not too far away.


  • @trebuchet
    It is a working but not ready (incomplete and bugs containing) product with a lot of stupid constraints yet.
    One of most annoying is the fact that files are calculated to be 40MB of size when splitting and distributing for redundancy. If the actual file is smaller, it gets "inflated" to 40MB and then sliced, encrypted and distributed. So if you upload a 8KB file, it gets uploaded as 40MB, resulting in a 120MB upload (to reach 3x redundancy).

    I have uploaded ~400GB. Most problems with uploading come from "insufficient allowance", in the 1.3.0 version the internal calculations of the allowance has issues. It gets "overspent" from one side and it gets not actually spent from the other.
    In the next release that gets fixed. But until then the only "workaround" for this is to gradually increase the allowance but never reach the total available funds in the wallet.

    This together with the file size "issue" leads to problems pretty soon, the first of which is exhausting the allowance...

    You should probably wait until the new version gets released. Though, the file size issue is not removed, at least I have not heard of solving that in this next release.
    Or, you can (and should anyway) always think of zipping small to medium files together before uploading. File sizes from 40MB up to 100GB work best at present.
    And when the uploading process seems to stall, increase your allowance a bit.
    If you are thinking about how to increase a bit the "Create allowance" does not create a new one, it updates the existing. So if you have created a 1000SC allowance, update it by "creating" a 1500SC allowance. Just remember, due to that allowance calculation bug, the allowance gets overspent and if you have no remaining SC in your wallet you will run into problems with uploads sooner.

  • @reinisp
    Thanks for your detailed response. The devs need to realise that the UI is what customers get to touch and feel and it needs to be super slick in 2017. All that cleverness under hood is wasted if customers can't bond with the UI. I'll try again in a few months.

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