My coins are never released from their unused contracts. Been 6 months.

  • Hi my Sia coins haven't been released yet and it has been 6 months.

    I have '5' contracts even though I have no files up and not have had any for 6 months.

    When will my allocated Sia be released?

  • @knowerlittle
    You can check the output of
    renter contracts
    in terminal to see the locked amount and contract expiration block number.

  • Thank you I can see now they have another 5000 blocks before they are released. I remember them stating that it will be locked for 3 months. It has been locked up for much longer then that. Is there a reason to that or did I misunderstand the contract? To be honest this better for me in the long run as it has greatly increased in value since I bought some.

  • @knowerlittle Did you set your allowance to zero?
    Or, there is something like renter allowance cancel you should look at.
    Otherwise your contracts get renewed all the time.
    Though, if you have only 5 contracts you probably have done that as you would have 50 contracts otherwise.

  • Thanks I wrote in renter allowance cancel and it did what I wanted.
    It canceled all contracts.

    I'm annoyed that I initially allocated 222,000 sia. I tried uploading a few files then a week late removed them all. I haven't had any files on the system for most of the 5 months since it has been in there. Now that it has cancelled I'm left with 40667 SiaCoins.

    What are all these extra transactions that I have spent all my coins? I've not used the system in any way. I see that all my Recent Transactions tab is full of outgoing payments. What are these for? If no one is hosting my files why am I consistently paying out? I've been waiting for it to cancel on its own this entire time. If I had known about this renter allowance cancel I would have cancelled this ages ago.

    Any extra information will be helpful. Is my other Sia now lost forever?

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