Assistance with setting up multiple storage's from one wallet

  • Hello Forum,

    Looking for direction on a use case I'm thinking of with regards to storing data within SIA. I'm very new to SIA and still getting my head around how it works so I hope I'm describing my setup properly so that this forum can understand how I want to use SIA.

    I want to setup storage using SIA by family (one for my sister and her family, one for my parents, one for my family). I have installed and setup one SIA wallet on my home server. Does the SIA wallet allow me to setup a separate SIA address by family so that our data can be kept separate. In this way I can setup a contract for each family member on my one wallet that I've installed and they can pay for the storage they want to rent from SIA through my one wallet.

    Or do I need to setup a wallet for each family member instead in order for my setup to work?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide me.

  • To expand a bit on what I would like to accomplish...

    I've heard recently that Duplicati (backup) has recently added the ability to backup to SIA storage. I'm the one in the family with the SIA wallet and I don't want each one of my family's to have to install their own wallet. I would prefer that we use my one wallet and have a contract for each family from my one wallet. Is this possible? Can one wallet have separate contracts (and therefore I'm assuming separate wallet addresses) to keep the storage separate?

    Thank you.

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