Transaction Unconfirmed

  • I tried to withdraw from the Sia-UI wallet by sending to my Bittrex Sia wallet. But in the Sia-UI it says "Unconfirmed" on the transaction and it has been around 12 hours so far. I'm using 1.3.0 for the UI and it shows as synchronized. When I try to look up the transaction bbf7654f33476d0c8763c43d52ad1d2b09a0b9e6e0c1ff85c9ef401e8f81d5b0 on the Sia explorer it says hash not found in the database. Any ideas on what is going on?

  • I am in a similar situation. my transaction ID is 8457a103b63de68ec657ee28e89f25c7d3fc8c22b545826d0c0dc848486913eb
    I cant find it on Block explorer, but the exchange says the transaction has been sent. It has been almost 48 hours now :(
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Такая же проблема ...
    Транзакция f86365812e5e8df610a2408ddb5ca057b7d8890838d4f4393f2f7ee2e85aed91652e2704f0b0

  • @ahmadifx @user501 have you guys had any luck fixing this yet?

  • FYI the problem is resolved now. After re-opening the Sia-UI I noticed the previous transaction was gone and my SC was still in my account. I waited till the blockchain was synchronized and then I sent my SC again. This time it went through. Hope this helps others.

  • @siaroach Thanks bro! this helped me out.

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