Suggestion: Disable the use of GPU in Siacoin Gui interface

  • Is it possible to pass

    • Argument
      "--disable-gpu --disable-gpu-early-init --disable-gpu-program-cache --disable-gpu-shader-disk-cache --disable-gpu-program-cache --disable-native-gpu-memory-buffers --disable-persistent-gpu-memory-buffer --process-per-site --disable-map-image --renderer-process-limit=1 --disable-plugins-discovery --disable-dwm-composition --wm-window-animations-disabled"

    on the siacoin wallet to reduce memory and gpu usage? I noticed the wallet gui is using chromium engine.

  • admins

    I'm guessing that it's possible, though I don't think we'd be willing to distribute a completely different set of binaries with the GPU disabled. If you are a developer and comfortable monkeying around a bit, the source code is here:

    If you do end up making your own release process so that you can disable the GPU, please share it with us. We'd like to put it on our website.

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