No sync in Sia client

  • I am trying to test Sia, but the sync does not start at all? I waited plenty of time. It worked on another network.

    I suppose the sync is the huge amount of space related containing all the transactions of the Sia currency?

    What are the network requirements for the sync? If the Sia client is waiting for outside connections during the sync I think this will be against some the firewalls between me and the Internet.

    I wish the app gives a network error if the sync does not work.

    Or maybe I can debug it with the console?

  • If you enter
    gateway list
    in the console it will propably show there are no peers.
    Do you have more then one computer computer on your network running sia ? For me, only one computer manages to sync. If i note the gateways from this computer, shut sia down and enter the gateways in to another computer, it will sync, but only for a limited time.

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