Suggestion to success

  • Hi,

    From what I learned so far it does not seem very interesting to become a host. Earnings are too low and a bit hard to calculate maybe.

    The best thing will be if more people start to rent. So I would recommend creating a new client only for renters that is plug and play. The competitors' clients are damn simple - just a folder to sync that is. The UI of Google or DropBox is simple. That for some people is the main feature they are interested in.

    The new client should have the following features:

    • very easy to charge your account with sia coins from the UI using a credit card
    • the initial allowance should be masked as advance payment in $ (no mention of sia coins and collateral)
    • automatic selection of contracts. It should be random because otherwise if you use some kind of rating for all hosts then the new comers will never get a contract and this will slowly kill the system.
    • no hosting UI (it is for renters)
    • no wallet, the wallet sync should be masked in some marketing way or just "syncing with the network"

    So a new simplified UI is needed where people need to learn less and join the party faster.

  • Also another problem is the target group. You are targeting people who need a lot of space. A regular user does not need a lot of space on the cloud in my opinion. Yes I need a cloud, but a mere 15-20 GB is enough for me and then Dropbox, Google can provide some of this pace for free. Either you should start targeting companies or somehow give preference to people who want to host or rent smaller amounts of cloud storage.

    Also one needs to pay in advance (currently 15$) in order to join the network.

  • @Templar
    It is too early to target businesses (missing features/present bugs),
    and it is too early to target the masses. At present more development/work is focused on the renters side, so a more performant and user friendly version will come soon.
    It makes no sense to market broadly a product that is incomplete and an average new user will find that out pretty quick.
    Then it will be much harder to convince the disappointed user to come back and try once more.

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