I am also facing major problem in Sia UI, not sure if will lose 100838 SIACOINS

  • Dear Experts,
    I had around 100838 Siacoins in my account.However today when I started my laptop(after a week as I was on vacation) , and trying to open the SIA-UI executable I am getting the following error message in the screen.
    "Loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version.Check the release notes for more details"
    I checked that the size of the folder in C:\Users\suman\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI is 6.52 GB (7,005,070,073 bytes) and is increasing , though VERY VERY SLOWLY.
    a)What is going on?
    b)Though it is not showing on the screen, is the synchronization going on in the backend?
    b)What should be the ideal size of the C:\Users\suman\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI folder?
    c)Also when run the following command below, I am getting this error
    C:\Users\suman\Desktop\Sia-UI-v1.3.0-win32-x64\resources\app\Sia>siac consensus
    Could not get current consensus state: API call not recognized: /consensus

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    Just give it some time.

    What should be the ideal size of the C:\Users\suman\AppData\Roaming\Sia-UI folder?

    On my computer this is 7.4 GB

  • As long as you know you seed, your Siacoins are not in danger, even if you local installation goes down the drain.

  • Dear Experts,

    Thanks to Kermit and Formax.

    I am finally able to do some research and run the siad command to start the daemon in command prompt.
    On another command prompt I ran this

    C:\Users\suman\Desktop\Sia-UI-v1.3.0-win32-x64\resources\app\Sia>siac wallet unlock
    Wallet password:
    Wallet unlocked

    C:\Users\suman\Desktop\Sia-UI-v1.3.0-win32-x64\resources\app\Sia>siac wallet balance
    Wallet status:
    Encrypted, Unlocked
    Confirmed Balance: 100.9 KS
    Unconfirmed Delta: +0 H
    Exact: 100891967306640004000000000000 H
    Siafunds: 0 SF
    Siafund Claims: 0 H

    Estimated Fee: 30 mS / KB


    However when i try to use the Sia-UI after doing the first 2 steps , the UI error is gone now.This is like a workaround and maybe hitting some bug.Please note that my blockchain size is
    6.52 GB (7,005,195,573 bytes) which is less than 7.4 GB which Formax posted, so I really dont know what is going on.



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    The Sia-UI folder contains more than just the blockchain. For me it is 7.4 GB because I am also uploading a lot and my wallet file is large (old wallet with thousands of addresses). On a fresh install this is going to be way smaller. The 7 GB on your PC sounds about right.

    The blockchain itself is currently 6.2 GB

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