Redundancy of the hosts

  • Good day.
    Regarding the potential of this project, I can see the greatest thread to the users in the risk of loosing their files.
    Can you explain the algorithm or at least the idea of how will you solve the problem, if the node with the part of the file (lets talk in this category) will leave the network?
    If you are building p2p net, then how many nodes you plane to use fore the SAME part of the file? Because it is obvious, that using only one node/host (as in your video) is the worst idea.

    I understand that you have penalty payments for the hosts that are less then 98% uptime, but if the host spend all of the money, there will be no argument to leave the net, and delete ALL the users files.

    Thank you for the further explanation.

  • Hi,

    The availlibility of your files will not be affected by one (or even more) host going down/offline/removed/...
    Sia use erasure coding replication.

    You can read this post for full explantation about how redundancy is achieved :

    As a summary, your data is splitted in smaller chunk, with addition of parity chunk. Each chunk is placed on differents hosts.

  • Thank you, I will read the article. I hope I will find the answer there.

  • @Reskator
    You can find some more information also on the Sia Wiki

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