Can I receive Sia Coins while the wallet is synchronizing

  • I am new at sia community and I am a bit confused about many issues mostly about the wallet, and there is not much help on the internet, today I wanted to buy some sia coins but when i opened my wallet it started synchronizing and it's almost for two hours (it was fully synchronized after i installed it), so I dont know can I use it while syncing or I have to wait for full sync and then make a transaction
    please someone help

  • Hi and welcome to Sia!

    Yes you can send coins to a wallet that is not fully synced. But you will only see them in the wallet when it is synced completely.

    Syncing can take a long time. You can do it faster if you download the blockchain from here:

    And you can find some more useful info about Sia on the Wiki:

  • @betaboot thanks for your answer, greetings

  • @betaboot and how can I insert it in wallet ? after downloading blockchain from

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