Major problems with Sia Ui

  • So this is the 9th yes 9th time i've downloaded the Sia wallet and every time i close it down i come back to the message "loading can take a while after upgrading to a new version check the release notes for more details"

    Any help would be appreciated. I cant sit through another 30 odd hours downloading the block chain and i have already transferred sia coins to a seed during the 1st download which turned out unsuccessful.

    Please help its driving me insane!

  • Try it on a different machine, if no go, try a different version of wallet, your previous version for example. Worst case, try command line.

  • I think we should simplify things. In addition to installing a wallet on a computer, create a wallet on the web platform.

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    @vuls It's coming in a few months.

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  • @vuls indeed, it's very annoying and inconvinient now as it is

  • @mogzy_d1 bad code man.. move on. There is much work to be done on Sia

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