Suggestions for Siacoin to grow and become popular

    • Advertise this hosting service to users through online marketing channels.

    • Inviting companies to try the service

    • Introduce ways to make money with Siacoin through split storage. Developing, underdeveloped countries are good targets.

    • Looking for big investors

    • Constantly updated to optimize the system

    • Bring news to major newspapers when Siacoin has a big event

    Love SC to top 5


  • SC's prices are currently low. Trading volume has decreased. I just hope there is something that raises the price again. Other members may suggest more ideas

    Love SC to top 5


  • Please stop the price and volume down
    alt text

    Love SC to top 5


  • May I offer a suggestion on Marketing?

    Taking into consideration the whole "Filecoin" suggestion that the word "File" in its name actually helps in spreading the word about the possible new product, what about updating Sia to SiaStorage and alter the current logo. Keep the same logo but add a little something to it for the word Storage.

    I have a bit of marketing background and I do agree with a comment I saw that people around the world cannot associate Sia with its mission. SiaStorage will help with this. You really don't need to have "coin" in the name other than appealing to those who know cryptocurrency (a minuscule amount of the population).

    I'm in Sia for the long haul -- I have few hundred thousand coins; I mine it now; I'm a host; and I've purchased the Obelisk. I want Sia to succeed and I think the team backing it is doing their part to make it a great project.

    I'll help anyway I can.

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