Suggestions for Siacoin to grow and become popular

  • My take on SiaCoin as a complete newcomer to it.

    I laughed like a loon as I sold off my original CPU mined BTC at $7 each. I try not to think about this too much - and have another few decades of work ahead of me.
    Inspired by BTC, we got a shit-load of "blockchain based currencies" that have sprung up after BTC, all saying "we'll be the next one".
    Well frankly they can't be. A few technical deviations between them is interesting, but not going to shift anything.
    BTC is the "gold standard" - except unlike gold you can't even use it to make pretty or useful things. It relies on people thinking it has worth, and the tortuous process for most of us of converting it to/from real world money.

    So, whoever wants to be next has to offer something demonstrably interesting and different.

    I think SiaCoin is different.
    I like the idea of the currency being associated with something that's actually useful to consume.
    I pay google actual money each month for my cloud storage. I would like not to have to do this.
    I've used Resilio and the like to allow my non-tech family to share photos and the like. Distributed storage is quite easy for people to accept, if it's simply "install this app and enter this code" and you can see your grand-daughter's photos.

    Where SiaCoin (to me at least) is f'ing up completely is by separating the two aspects that make the currency unique, to a degree of major user annoyance.
    I came across you last week and installed SiaUI. I was looking forward to using you for cloud storage. erm could I? NOPE.


    1. First off the sync time is stupid.
      Cache a daily consensus.db and just dump that to each new client install ( I trust you not to poison it).
      There is NO UX paradigm to entice new users that involves "installing it and then running your PC overnight before you can actually do anything"
    2. "Yay, I'm synced and wish to start offering/using distributed storage!"
      What happens next? Well seemingly I need 500 coins to get a payout from mining to consume and 2000 coins to offer..
      How do I get these? Well I have to mine for a week or two...installs and stares at Marlin
      As it stands I've got another few days to wait until I can actually "use" Sia, and therefore appreciate any difference between this and any other random blockchain thing.

    My suggestion would be to combine the miner and the cloud storage app into a single entity - with an easy mechanism to buy Sia with paypal or something right upfront.
    Basically tell people they need to pay upfront for storage they want now - but then they can manage their ongoing storage by letting the miner run in the background.

    If I had to sum it all up, it would be to position Siacoin not as a "cryptocurrency" - but as a cloud storage provider, that can pay for itself as long as you approve some GPU access.

  • Or more simply, just have an app people can install, that creates a shared folder ( like google drive/drop box/One Drive/whatever) - and by default nothing syncs.
    If people wish to sync, just let them spend disk space, CPU - or some easy mechanism to buy Siacoin directly. All from your public facing app.
    Basically back to my point in OP, that you have the potential to get a load more buy-in from the vast majority of "people with computers" by presenting as a storage service, rather than yet another cryptocurrency.

  • @zherbert People who want to make money from sharing their hard drive. advertise them, as many know

    Love SC to top 5


  • @vuls
    My suggestion is to create a channel on youtube, where you can show trader opportunity and project news.
    siacoin can sponsor events like Dash does with fights, games and events



  • Have to agree with Rizz, you need to break down the barriers to entry.
    To buy SIA storage you first need Bitcoin, then Exchange BTC to SIA, then send to wallet.
    For your average consumer, and many have yet to fathom Bitcoin, this is a huge ask.

    1. a brokerage from local currency direct into SIA Storage
    2. easy exchange from other crypto to SIA aka Shapeshift / Exodus .
      Small baby steps, but as someone working in IT and doing a lot in Cloud, I love the principles of SIA and see huge potential. Keep up the great work.

  • I do not know whether Siacoin members are accepting these donations. But I know many people are interested in Siacoin and look forward to the good. Listen to us and respond.

    Love SC to top 5


  • I'll set up a service to buy sicaoins via paypal...

    I had that thought for long, but the issue is if people are willing to trust such a service?

    The intention should be buying smaller amounts NOT for speculation or investing but to get people going. Today it is a bit tedious to buy one coin and having it exchanged to SIA
    However the process of having the full client running does not go away, since today this is the only way to interact with the network and is also the only proven wallet.

  • I agree with the fact that getting siacoin can be a hurdle, but times are changing and coinbase is rolling out which will allow 3rd party devs to incorporate buying BTC,ETH,LTC straight from there app or website, if you combine this with shapeshift's API Sia could have a easy solution integrated into there website on there homepage to buy SIACOIN instantly with bank transfer or credit card. I think this would be huge and the Dev's at SIA should really consider it or someone in the community should take it upon themselves to build this portal the tools are here now. I ask you why not.

  • @larsfloe

    You have to be careful about this in the US,

    @larsfloe said in Suggestions for Siacoin to grow and become popular:

    I'll set up a service to buy sicaoins via paypal...

    unless you have the correct state permits it is considered to be operating an illegal money transmitter service and you could get sentenced to 5 years in jail

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