• I'm really into cloud storage and the company I work for spends multiple millions/year just on storage. When Amazon went down on us, we started an initiative to look to alternatives. I saw SIA and it looked promising so I wanted to bet the farm on it (personally, not the company!). However, I came across STORJ and they seem to already seem to have it ready to go. You can already buy storage there. Can anyone tell me the difference between value in SIA v STORJ?

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  • One big difference between SIA and STORJ as I see it (sharing storage on both) is that STORJ seem to be more the middle man than SIA. Sia can run even if Nebulous (the dev.-company behind SIA) goes belly-up - they play no active role in the running of the network as opposed to STORJ.

  • Storj has been in turmoil last I heard. Most leading devs walked away. Though it surely rose 100-200% in price after.

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