Laptop has two graphics card, and it only uses the "efficient" one

  • Hey my laptop has two graphics cards, a HD630, and a GTX 1050 ti. Changing all settings on Nvidia to prioritize the performance one, when I run the miner. It still always intializes the 630 one, and the speed reflects that. Any help on how I can make it run the 1050 Ti one, so then it will be running at a higher mh/s and SC rewards will be better?alt text

  • IMO don't mine on a laptop. It will overheat, reducing the life expectancy of your laptop overall. For what? A minuscule amount of Siacoins.

  • You are mining on both your HD 630 and Your 1050 TI.

    Add -d 2 in the batch file to only mine on the 1050.

    "... -I 20 -d 2"

    Also your intensity is low, you should be able to run higher.

    I agree it's not worth mining on a laptop. You will reduce the life of your laptop, and gaming laptops are not cheap compared to just buying SC outright.

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  • This was just an attempt, and I'm definitely seeing that its not worth it. Thanks guys

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