HOWTO Run Sia host on headless Linux server (Ubuntu)

  • What about

    Could not announce host: insufficient balance

    when trying to annouce ?

  • Me and a few others who read the Github Gist and this ( are getting this error:
    Starting the service fails with status=203/EXEC

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    @chanakyabtc Only thing I can think of is that its a permissions issue. Check that the user you're running siad as has permissions to run siad and read/write permissions to the data directory (WorkingDirectory).

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    Awesome tutorial, thanks for making this!

    I ended up using this for setting up

    I modified the service file slightly, to fit my requirements better:

    Description=Sia Daemon
    ExecStart=/home/sia/Sia/siad -M gctwr 
    ExecStop=/home/sia/Sia/siac stop

    The nice value is so it doesn't end up eating all resources of the pixeldrain server. It also causes siad to get eaten first if the server happens to run OOM.
    This also contains a clean shutdown sequence for Sia, to reduce risks of data corruption when the server needs to reboot.
    The type=simple line indicates that this is not a forking service, and that it should be started in a new process.
    And I added to make sure it doesn't start before the network driver is initialized.

    I learned a lot about systemd from this, thanks for that :)

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  • I'm having problems installing Sia via the linux command line. I've never used go before I think that's where my major breakdown comes in.

    Does anyone have an install guide where they use go? Everything I'm finding is back before V1.1 and nothing I can find is helping me install with go.

  • @brollySSJ you don't need go, just install the compiled version from Github. The above guide still works with little modifications.

  • My Internet connection seems really slow – downloading files takes forever. Do I need to fix this in Linux or change my router's settings? ... You can see the wireless channels in use with this command. generally, this problem comes when I m using my mail account I don't know why its happen now what should I have to do now?

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