Storing data and pricing. disappointing!!!

  • I am really disappointed in data storage prices and the unclarity about pricing etc..

    I wanted to test storing data so I created an allowance of 5000Sc (the minimum) The GUI shows 52 contracts.
    I then updated 15 files (20Gb total) and tested a download etc..

    Now looking at my wallet I suddenly lost 2967Sc (that's 35,- euro's!!! as my buying price has been 0,0119 Euro per SC)

    On the Files tab it shows: 649 SC Spent / 5000 SC Allocated however I spend in reality 2967Sc!
    Now I deleted my files to prevent spending any more on this vague application.

    I now have 52 contracts and zero files.

    This al looks ridiculous and very vague to me and I wonder if I get a part of the 2967Sc back.

  • @jorima
    You are misunderstanding what you read:

    • You set allowance 5000

    I suddenly lost 2967Sc

    • These were locked for storage in advance for 90 days (usually 90 days). Locked is not same as lost.

    649 SC Spent / 5000 SC Allocated

    • Means 649 SC are spent for contract forming and uploading your 20Gb.

    Now I deleted my files to prevent spending any more on this vague application.

    • So you have lost 649SC for nothing (except experience / testing). Though, uploading again would not cost you so much anymore.

    In ~90 days your balance will suddenly show ~2318SC (2967-649) more... if you close (lock) your wallet and do not unlock it for 90 days.

    Try searching this forum for "renter allowance cancel" or something similar. I've never cancelled my allowance so I don't know of any side effects or how should it be done correctly.

  • OK thanks for explaining!
    it look like it's more expensive than what's said on the website anyway.
    Would also be nice if this is better documented and clarified in the GUI

  • You need to run the following command to stop spending money

    siac renter allowance cancel

    Otherwise Sia will continue to rent space for the files that you already uploaded. Deleting them locally does not remove them from the cloud, as many people have painfully found already.

    Sia is currently targeted at people who first read the manual & documentation and understand the concepts before spending money. Everybody else is bound to lose money and will not understand why!

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