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  • I have waited to days to sync with the blockchain, then I recovered my seed and found the SC I had initially transferred to the wallet. All is good. Butwhenever I restart my computer, I have to restart the SIA UI, right? And I get thi smessage.

    I know I could delete the SIA folder in appdataroaming and reinstall it, this is how I did the last time, but I guess it will have to synch to the blockcahin again and no way I will wait for SIA two days again. Who would then use SIA if this is so slow? Please advise if on the issue. How can I work around this? Thanks.

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    @Attilino There is no way currently around the syncing. Even if you download the current one all at once it will still restart at about 99.4% and sync again. The only way is to never turn it off.

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  • Sia (as every other Blockchain solution) always needs an up-to-date copy of the blockchain on your computer (it's the file called consensus.db) to continue functioning.

    When you install it the first time, it needs to synchronize the entire blockchain, this can take days on slow computers/networks/disks.

    When you restart the computer it will just take seconds or minutes, as it only has to download the changes since you were last online.

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