SiaFund from 2015 May

  • I have a SiafundAddress_Key0.siakey file generated on Sun 17 May 2015 01:12:04 PM EDT from the siag that was released around then.

    I tried restoring it like this:

    siac wallet load 033x /media/organism/My Book/Untitled Folder/Coin/sia/Sia/SiafundAddress_Key0.siakey

    and got

    /media/organism/My Book/Untitled Folder/Coin/sia/Sia/SiafundAddress_Key0.siakey: could not decode type []wallet.savedKey033x: slice is too large

    Is this able to be used for anything?

  • So I also tried a wallet.dat file, recovered it successfully, just this file gives the error. Has anyone here tried to recover a similar file? I mean I'm sure there's less than 1150 of them or so, so chances are pretty small..

  • From the lack of response here I'd say - bring it up in Slack or Reddit if you need Dev help, developers aren't really active on the forum.

  • @maol Thanks, I brought it up on slack and that's where the nice fella that pointed me to this forum helped me with the wallet, unfortunately I didn't have any responses the first day about the siafund. I'll try again tomorrow asking about the siafund on slack, maybe I'll get lucky. I really was pretty impressed at the <24h sync using a ssd

  • Hey just an update, my daemon has no problem connecting to the Sia network, been reading a bit of the forum threads, still no luck with the fund yet. I did find the NXT wallet with the encrypted messages and transactions related to claiming my siafund before the due date, so it would be pretty cool if I ever got this to work :)

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