nextcloud / sia integration

  • we are using nextcloud for good storage solution.

    integration with sia is very interesting for deploying backup / redundancy.

    but i would like this to be more transparent in terms of payments.

    going the way of bitcoin exchange is a mess.

    would be interested in talking

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    @xavierl That is something you'll have to bring up with the Devs in slack.

    Make sure you tag me @bryan if you need to me respond.
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  • Hi.

    For me both technologies: Sia (blockchain) and Nextclouds (private cloud) sound like a feature.

    Is someone using this pair?


  • I havnen't tried this myself, but the initiative seems cool:

  • @Zzz
    I use both. I like both.
    But I use them separately.
    Nextcloud for file sharing and Sia to share the "for Nextcloud available but unused" storage space.

  • Hello I would like to understand what is the DataDir which is used by Nextcloud-Sia module (the one for which you have to enter a path in Sia configuration within Nextcloud). I understand it is a local directory but what is stored inside and how big need it to be ? Will All data uploaded to Sia be copied to this directory ? In that case that would mean that Sia cannot be used to extent your storage but just as a backup ?

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