Introducing SiaBerryOS: A Linux Operating System for Using Siacoin on Raspberry Pi 3

  • Thanks for all your work on this, I bought a Pi 3 to try it out, followed all the steps in the instructions and with a bit of perseverance I am up and hosting. There are a couple of things I'd like to feedback on;

    1. Admin Login seems fussy, I often get knocked back on the first login, I just do it again and it works.

    2. Blockchain sync took at least 24 hours+, I did switch the device on and off (hard off, just pulling power plug and putting it back) and it seems to pick up from where it left off. If there was some way to display blockchain sync progress (x% of blocks?) that would reassure users something is happening.

    3. Generate address, I had some problems where I'd click and it just seemed like nothing was happening, so I just kept repeating the instructions and it worked after a few attempts, I think maybe it takes a while to generate an address (minutes?), so again, some visual feedback in the UI would help here.

    4. Maybe hide all the optional settings in the hosting panel and add a bit more description about what the common defaults you might want to change do, or even better, some kind of calculator that can compare pricing with live prices to give some guide of where to price your hosting.

    5. Some kind of notification (email?) when my hosting is being used would prevent me reloading the page every hour....

    6. The UI artwork and colours are a bit tacky and rather spread out, this could be condensed a fair amount and kept usable, obviously not as important as function, it would be nice if you took the sia colors (the green/dark blue) and used that throughout to create a consistent feel across the products, I could do some mockups if that would be helpful ?

    That's it, thank you again, nice work, seems very stable, I've pulled the plug on the device numerous times and it comes back afterwards reliably, on first install I messed up setting the password, make sure if attempting you read carefully, maybe in the doc replace 'Kete' with a reference to the username that you've created.

  • I get "Error calls" = 54 under hosting what is this? Did you have an Error FAQ? I also try 2 times discord with the same question and google.

  • @clip203 SiaBerry reboots itself every week to keep Sia version up2date.

  • @ckc82084 Sorry for my late reply. Do you still get that message? If so, could you please post on reddit /r/SiaBerry ? There is another thread having your problem. I am not sure if the OP is you or not but it can help you set it up in case you have not succeeded in removing the problem yet.

  • @ther

    1. The login implements a special way to decrease the load on the Pi. Actually there is not database software running. What you see as getting knocked back sometimes is a result of very strict login checking. Yes, it sometimes happens but it is harmless.

    2. Yes, right now on a Pi which only has USB 2.0, a USB3 pen drive can take up to a whole day. That is normal. Unfortunately there is not a way to show the progress while you are bootstrapping but that might be added to the Sia core itself later.

    3. Generating an address should not take a long time if not instantaneous. You might have tried to generate one while Siaberry was scanning the blockchain probably? Like when you unlock your wallet for the first time.

    3/4. That is a good feature and is already on the list. You know, the development list is somehow prioritized. But we will reach that part as well!

    1. I tried to make the look appealing while being easy on the eyes. I have tried to create a color distinction so that every piece of info can be read easily. But if you or anybody else have ideas, they are appreciated! Please post your suggestions on /r/SiaBerry so that it will stay documented.

    2. Thank you too for the suggestions! The OS itself is very stable but do not try to cut the power without properly shutting down the device as it might corrupt the SD card or even the Pen drive. About the howto, I have intentionally put "kete" and following that command, I have said that the user must change kete with his/her own user name which helps the user remember that he/she is supposed to change the user for better security.

  • @cit It is normal. Every host gets those!

  • Hello everyone. Ive been toying around with Sia-UI for a month or so. I've gotten a couple of hard drives setup to to share via Sia on my Slackware machine but decided to move over to a Raspberry Pi 3. So, I downloaded SiaBerryOS and booted up with monitor, keyboard, mouse, and ethernet cable all attached along with a 500Gb external drive. Once the system prepares itself and reboots I am able to login at the command prompt (there is no GUI) but the Raspberry has no internet connection....anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

  • hi! are you planning to port your os to the pi 3 b+? i think we need only a newer kernel. that would be really great!

    best marco

  • Yes it has to do with your DNS settings and your default gateway that was handed to the Pi when it got its IP address from the DHCP server, I would suggest joining the siaberry channel on the Sia Discord

  • Hi...i am a new user here. As per my observation it looks like it must be built on a full desktop install of Ubuntu on a PC, not directly on the Pi. I guess I’m so Pi-centric, and almost everything I do is on a Pi, I thought it made sense to build it on the Pi.I’m now running the cross-platform build on a desktop linux machine and it appears to be building. I don’t see a way to delete this thread. Maybe it will help others who are trying to do the same thing I was.

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