Siad stuck on "(2/6) Loading consensus..." after updating to 1.3.0

  • Hi,

    I'm running headless Sia host on Linux. I updated to v 1.3.0 today, but after restarting siad, it's stuck at:
    (0/6) Loading siad...
    (1/6) Loading gateway...
    (2/6) Loading consensus...

    How can I debug this?


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    @siagogo Reinstall.

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  • If reinstall equals to overwriting files in Sia dir with freshly downloaded 1.3.0, then it didn't work.

  • Ok, it finished now. Well, I'm not exactly patient, but this seems to take way too long:
    Finished loading in 462.025578756 seconds

  • @siagogo
    This long startup time happens on every upgrade and takes place only once- the first start after the upgrade.

  • ~8 minutes isn't too bad for Sia.

    It gets faster each update. :D

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  • For reference if people are checking.

    I also saw the same thing, waiting at 2/6 loading consensus after updating from v1.2.2 to v1.3.0.

    It took 3195 seconds to finish loading but looks like I'm finally back up and running.

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