May 2016 Update + Roadmap

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    Hello, it's been a busy month.

    We've updated the forum. Starting May 1st, signups were broken as the forum was no longer able to send confirmation emails. This has since been fixed, esteemed apologies to everyone who never received an email and has been unable to post. There should be a button that allows you to resend the email, and this time you should receive it.

    I'm pleased to announce that we're now featured on a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, Yunbi. We are looking to further integrate with the Chinese cryptocurrency communities, and this is a big step in that direction. But it is also a big step forward for the decentralization of Sia, as there is now another avenue to both buy and sell Siacoin. Siacoins are now for sale on Poloniex, Yunbi, Cryptomic, and Bitsquare.

    We have not yet released v0.6.0, and are behind schedule. v0.6.0 is a big step forward for Sia, to the extent that we are finalizing and committing to the host-renter protocol. There are several major features that have been added, including an allowance for the renter, multiple folder support for the host, and significant performance improvements to uploading. We have missed our deadline due to a series of bugs. We prioritize quality, and as such prefer to delay the release rather than give you guys something that is not ready. All major bugs have been fixed except for one, and we expect the fix to be ready in the next day. That said, I do not want to release v0.6.0 until the release-candidate with the bugfixes has been operational for a few days, to make sure that our modifications did not introduce new errors. The new expected release date for v0.6.0 is this Friday. I apologize for the delay, but v0.6.0 is a major step forward and I'm proud of the work that's gone into it. Next to the improvements, the delay does not seem so important. The wait is worthwhile, and is almost over.

    At this point in time, we still intend to release v1.0 on June 7th. The major change between v0.6.0 and v1.0 is a finalization of the API. While Sia has been in beta, we have warned developers that we reserve the right to make breaking changes to the API calls that they are using in their apps. For obvious reasons, this has slowed down third party development. Starting with v1.0, we promise not to make any more breaking changes, meaning that an app designed for Sia v1.0 will still work with Sia v1.x months or years later, while being able to take advantage of any upgrades and updates.

    We have a new full time employee who will be working on the GUI. He started just a few days ago. Over the past few weeks I have said, with regret, that we could no longer offer support for UI related bugs and issues. While this is going to remain true for the next few weeks, we are not far from being able to bring back support for the graphical Sia client. If we are lucky, v1.0 will ship with a fully functioning, fully supported graphical client. If the graphical client is not ready by June 7th, we will release v1.0 as command-line only, and then follow with the graphical client a few weeks later.

    Earlier this month in New York City we hosted the first official Sia meetup. A handful of community members came for drinks and dinner, and it was great to meet everyone. I hope there are more Sia meetups in the future, and I hope to meet more of our global community.

    Feel free to ask any questions!

  • kudos to you guys.

  • Great work SIA team, glad to hear things are going well.

  • @Taek cool &gl!

  • @Taek Great work. Looking forward to using version one in June.

  • Will V060 be released today?

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    v0.6.0 should be out in a few hours, all of our testing has passed.

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    v0.6.0 is now available at the following location:

    Thanks for your patience.

  • @Taek When will 0.6.0 be ready with a non-command line UI?

  • @Scalextrix said in May 2016 Update + Roadmap:

    @Taek When will 0.6.0 be ready with a non-command line UI?

    There will not be a UI released for 0.6.0, the UI is expected in a couple weeks with the release of 1.0

  • @Scalextrix said in May 2016 Update + Roadmap:

    @Taek When will 0.6.0 be ready with a non-command line UI?

    Hi! I'm the new employee working on the UI. It should be ready within 3 weeks after the release of 1.0. It will include a heavily upgraded streamlined user experience tailored to the new v1.0 API as well as a number of reliability and stability improvements.

  • @johnathanhowell Great, looking forwards to it, I dont have time to messa round with command line

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